Visit Historic Village Herberton

Set on 16 acres, the Historic Village Herberton is a tin mining town with shops, pub, bank, chemist, grocer, printer, and garage. There are more than 50 restored period buildings making this outdoor museum the most significant in Queensland.
Plan to spend the day and take your time taking in thousands of genuine antiques, Australian collectibles, vintage machinery and vehicles, and more. Working exhibits are brought to life during school holidays and on some weekends.
The Historic Village Herberton is a 90-minute drive from Cairns and there is plenty of free parking on-site, including space for RVs and caravans. 


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  • Have to go here, spend at least a full day so many old cars!

    David Luke Avatar
    David Luke

    Meticulous open air Historical display in the tradition of the Scandinavian Skansen. Numerous historic buildings have been relocated to the... read more

    Ken Richards Avatar
    Ken Richards

    Best museum of old items and displays I have ever seen in my life. Everybody should visit this place. Give... read more

    k barloker Avatar
    k barloker

    Absolutely awesome 👌 👏 👍

    Alanna Rosendahl Avatar
    Alanna Rosendahl
  • Really beautiful little village, lost of things to see. On the hour different info on each village hut. Steam... read more

    Alex Draper Avatar
    Alex Draper

    One of the best museums we've ever been to.

    Ron Jardine Avatar
    Ron Jardine

    Probably the best tourist attraction of its kind l have been to in Australia and we have travelled extensively

    Andrew Borgert Avatar
    Andrew Borgert

    Fantastic. So many amazing historical items and totally well worth the admission. Price gives 3 days entry and won’t disappoint.... read more

    Anne Alder Avatar
    Anne Alder
  • Must see the blacksmith working, brilliant

    Dale Nicholls Avatar
    Dale Nicholls

    This was such a fun experience. The place is quite big and incredibly well maintained. Lots of authentic original buildings... read more

    Nona Avatar

    If you haven't spent a day wondering around this AMAZING historic village then your life isn't complete... take the time...spend... read more

    Bev Mackenzie Avatar
    Bev Mackenzie

    This is one of the best historical villages. The themed displays are well curated and well maintained. The engineering heritage... read more

    Mary Howells Avatar
    Mary Howells
  • Great display off old town and historic items on display such as old cars bikes tractors toys bottles and more... read more

    Unicorn.Adventures.83 Avatar

    The historic village in Herberton is remarkable. You purchase a ticket which you can use over a 3 day... read more

    Sharee Goodall Avatar
    Sharee Goodall

    I have Been to a lot of historic museums in Australia viewing historical artefacts this one is by far the... read more

    Alwyn&Sarah Anderson Avatar
    Alwyn&Sarah Anderson

    Very well curated & maintained in every detail. All exhibits in very good condition where applicable. Made for an excellent... read more

    Rob Ackland Avatar
    Rob Ackland
  • This was an amazing experience.Extremely well maintained, giving a real feeling of understanding how people lived and worked.

    Andy Eskriett Avatar
    Andy Eskriett

    Great, unbelievable the amount if things accumulated.

    Jennifer Reilly Avatar
    Jennifer Reilly

    Loved this historical village

    Alison Allan Avatar
    Alison Allan

    This was very interesting

    Munch And Fish Avatar
    Munch And Fish
  • Wonderful collection of old Australian artefacts. Well worth a visit. We spent a day and a half going through everything.... read more

    Shane Poulter Avatar
    Shane Poulter

    This is by far one of the best museums we have ever been too. We spent hours and hours walking... read more

    Lauren Moore Avatar
    Lauren Moore

    Wow. What a place.All that history in one location.I was blown away by the way it has been put... read more

    Rick Fung Avatar
    Rick Fung

    Absolutely fantastic display of days gone by and a single persons collection as a way of doing itThe periodic live... read more

    Angelo D'Agostino Avatar
    Angelo D'Agostino
  • Was just lovely place!Lots of really interesting and priceless things to look around.I hope everybody respect the village and preserve... read more

    Goma Tora Avatar
    Goma Tora

    A bucket list stop. So comprehensive and a staggering collection of everything.

    Helen King Avatar
    Helen King

    A must see. Great historical information and exhibits. So much to absorb. Very tactile in that you can feel and... read more

    Don Charles Avatar
    Don Charles

    We spent a day there,but if you don't see it all,they give you a complimentary 3 day pass .We brought... read more

    Karen Delsar Avatar
    Karen Delsar
  • Great place. Well curated. Easy to get around

    Jason Drane Avatar
    Jason Drane

    This place is brilliant, make sure you make enough time, there is so much to see and take in, we... read more

    Jeanette Leitzke Avatar
    Jeanette Leitzke

    After a couple of visits, not sure I've seen everything yet. Just plain interesting, a must see .

    Peter McKaskill Avatar
    Peter McKaskill

    Georgous old place with so.much information you need to make a day trip to see it all. Loved it.

    John Fejsa Avatar
    John Fejsa
  • Went as an off chance and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was their heritage weekend so they had live music and... read more

    David Brown Avatar
    David Brown

    Fantastic place to spend at least two or more hours. Something for everyone to look at.

    Keith Gifford Avatar
    Keith Gifford

    To be honest there were that many it is hard to choose but if I had to pick one in... read more

    Steve Robinson Avatar
    Steve Robinson

    Great place, stacked with lots of things you will remember from Years ago!! Well worth the visit!!

    Darren Lynnda Young Avatar
    Darren Lynnda Young