Visit Historic Village Herberton

Set on 16 acres, the Historic Village Herberton is a tin mining town with shops, pub, bank, chemist, grocer, printer, and garage. There are more than 50 restored period buildings making this outdoor museum the most significant in Queensland.
Plan to spend the day and take your time taking in thousands of genuine antiques, Australian collectibles, vintage machinery and vehicles, and more. Working exhibits are brought to life during school holidays and on some weekends.
The Historic Village Herberton is a 90-minute drive from Cairns and there is plenty of free parking on-site, including space for RVs and caravans.


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  • GO HERE. I have been here probably four or five times over the years. It is fantastic. I’m not a... read more

    Chelsea Smith Avatar
    Chelsea Smith

    Wow! We travel heaps & have seen more than our share of historic venues. You'll never see a more comprehensive... read more

    Ruth Brook Avatar
    Ruth Brook

    Village was great displays were very informative but eat before you go. Menu at Tea room needs to be updated... read more

    Sharon Bradley Avatar
    Sharon Bradley

    Well worths pending a couple of hours wandering and remin escing.

    Neil Nash Avatar
    Neil Nash
  • Great experience with all the memories of the past times spent with my grandparents,

    Albert Eacott Avatar
    Albert Eacott

    Loved it

    Janette Elvery Avatar
    Janette Elvery

    Easy few days viewing.

    Diane Rennie Avatar
    Diane Rennie

    Very interesting and well the visit...too much to see though. You will need hours.

    Bruce Dahl Avatar
    Bruce Dahl
  • Fantastic place to visit. So interesting well set out and staff fabulous. It would be one of the best... read more

    Gayle and Rob Avatar
    Gayle and Rob

    Village was fantastic. Food not so great.

    Tracy Duncan Avatar
    Tracy Duncan

    Very good displays. Well presented as a restored 19th century town.

    Michael Moser Avatar
    Michael Moser

    Great experience. Recommend it to younger people to see how life was before computers.

    Daniel Sing Avatar
    Daniel Sing
  • This place is a must see if you are in the area. Amazing collection of history.

    Rick Sammons Avatar
    Rick Sammons

    A lot of history gathered in this one place.

    Dan Keen Avatar
    Dan Keen

    Marvelous look back into history. The llace is chock full of items from the past,an incredible insight.

    Michael Findlay Avatar
    Michael Findlay

    It’s a great day out although it would be nice if they notified customers that the train and damper/billy tea... read more

    Courtney Pearce Avatar
    Courtney Pearce
  • Amazing, worth a trip to Herberton just to spend the day there.

    Jan Boswood Avatar
    Jan Boswood

    Lots of interesting things here

    Paige Marshall Avatar
    Paige Marshall

    great step back in time

    Gregory Weller Avatar
    Gregory Weller

    Great little village and an incredible collection of artefacts revealing our incredible history, maintained by a very dedicated and passionate... read more

    Craig Duthie Avatar
    Craig Duthie
  • Amazing experience. So much to see. On 16 acres. Easily spend 1.5 to 2.0 days.Best historical museum I have seen... read more

    David Brook Avatar
    David Brook

    Great experience of collections of Australian history. Leave a full day. Well worth the visit 👍👍

    Derek Messner Avatar
    Derek Messner

    Most excellent, couldn't take it all in, will have to go back.

    Ian Brown Avatar
    Ian Brown

    Had a great time. If you appreciate Australian history you could spend the day here

    Wayne Campbell Avatar
    Wayne Campbell
  • Probably the best historical museum in Australia. Fantastic place, the memorabilia, machines, trucks, buildings and general locality and history is... read more

    Elton Walker Avatar
    Elton Walker

    Loved it! Got to take our dog, heaps of detail and very friendly staff

    Keren Bosworth Avatar
    Keren Bosworth

    Wonderful walking the old times

    Rodd Chignell Avatar
    Rodd Chignell

    A great jump into the past of Herberton. Must visit this place

    Daniel Quintieri Avatar
    Daniel Quintieri
  • Worth a visit. Very professional operators. The volunteers are very dedicated and well worth respect for their skills

    Susan Pearson Avatar
    Susan Pearson

    My granddaughter n I had a great time will def do it again

    Melanie Rosenfeldt Avatar
    Melanie Rosenfeldt

    A must to do unbelievable amount of history need about 2 days to see... read more

    michael hogan Avatar
    michael hogan

    I have been to a few Historic Village museums, Herberton is the Best. Amazing the amount of historic... read more

    Ian Crocker Avatar
    Ian Crocker
  • A great place to visit.Well set up and informative. Historic cars that actually have their motors running.👍

    Richard Barton Avatar
    Richard Barton

    This place is the hidden gem of Far North Queensland. Think of Sovereign Hill in immaculate condition, with attention to... read more

    Richard Lloyd Avatar
    Richard Lloyd


    Kevin Dunshea Avatar
    Kevin Dunshea

    Friendly, Nick couldn't be more accommodating the pizzas great value.

    Dail Malins Avatar
    Dail Malins