Village Map

Village Map - Historic Village Herberton Pioneer Museum Queensland Australia

Pioneer Camp

Serving fresh damper, delicious hearty stew, and billy tea, a visit to Pioneer Camp offers a truly authentic experience. Please check the 'what’s on' schedule for opening times.


Julatten Farm House

This is a private residence.

1. Entry / Exit Stewart House
1a. Main Street
2. Bishop Feetham’s Cottage
3. Tin Pannikin Pub
3a. Soft Drink Factory
4. Lighting Unit
5. Covered Eating Area
6. Herberton State School
6a. Pioneers’ Wing (Military, Dental, Chinese, Hospital)
7. Bank of Australasia
7a. The Chapel
8. Ada’s Frock Salon
9. The Second Hand Store
10. Telephone Exchange
11. Chevrolet Fire Truck
12. Rumula Siding with Lamp Display
13. Storage Shed
14. Day’s Garage
14a. Coach House
14b. Blacksmith & Farrier’s Workshop
15. The Toy Shop
15a. Workshop & Laundry Lane
15b. Boilers
16. Boiler Shed
17. Axemen’s Hall of Fame
18. RD6 Caterpillar (Collection of 12 ‘Dozers’)
19. Grocer’s Store
20. Farmer’s Store
21. The Bottle Collection
22. Butcher’s Shop
23. Martin’s Chemist
23a. Doc’s Rock Shop
24. Happy Jack Tin Mine
25. Stamper
26. Comet Windmill River Crossing
27. Goshen Station Lunch Room
27a. Windmill (pumping water into tank)
28. Glendhu Slab Hut
29. Gilbert Petter Engines

30. Airey’s Jeweller and Watchmaker
31. Sewing Machine Room
32. Radio Store
33. Tuition Room (Music)
34. Chatfield’s Coach and Livery Stables
35. A.C. Camp Blacksmith
36. Forrester Bootmaker
37. Mandalee Kitchen
38. Camera Store
39. Music Store
40. Newsagent
41. Herberton Times
42. Miner’s Hut
43. Julatten Farm House (Private Residence)
44. Atherton Lock Up
44a. Police Display
45. Almaden Lock Up (Gun Collection)
46. Tool Shed
47. Bakerville Pub (Tearooms)
47b. Suspension Bridge
48. Elderslie House (J.Newell’s Home, Founder of Herberton)
50. Presbytery (Caretaker residence)
50a. Salvo Theatre and Aboriginal Display
51. Water Pump
52. Village Fire Station
53. The John Deere Tractor Shed
54. Ted Keid’s Sawmill
54a. Marshall Steam Traction Engine
54b. AEC Tipper Truck
54c. Case Tractor
55. English Electric Generator
56. Farmhouse
57. Tractor Way
58. Children’s Playground
58a. Croc Boats
59. Pioneer Camp
60. Walking Trail
61. Railway Station & Steam Train
62. Rail Ambulance