Bakerville Pub (Tearooms)

Fine china, polished silverware and crystal tableware greet guests seeking refreshments at the Village's Bakerville Tearooms.

The grand dame of Tableland buildings, The Bakerville Hotel c. 1890, has been lovingly restored and recreated as the tearooms offering lunch, morning and afternoon tea.

There are wide verandahs overlooking the Village grounds on one side and the Wild River on the other. Inside, the rooms have been invitingly decorated. Antique children's prams and bicycles wheel through the ceilings above, while a glowing wall of polished silverware makes an eye-catching statement.

A private home at Bakerville during the late 1800s, this building was converted into a hotel at the turn of the 20th century. During those early years, the name "Federal Hotel" was painted in large letters across the distinctively shaped roof. But during living memory the building has been known locally as the "Bakerville Pub".

The final licensee, Stella Pedersen maintained the premises as a private residence, even after she closed the pub in 1960. During her 50 years of involvement with the hotel, Mrs Pedersen ran the pub almost single-handed making her own bread, curing meat, and washing for guests who occupied the six rooms.

The building was moved during 1990, in three sections, over 18kms from Bakerville to the Historic Village Herberton where it has been carefully renovated to provide quality tea rooms. The original bar counter, built of kauri pine and red cedar, was donated to Historic Village Herberton by Gavin Pedersen.