Media Releases: 13 September 2011

New Pioneers Wing Now Open

Six displays feature in the new Pioneer Wing at Historic Village Herberton revealed to the public just this week.

Medical, military, Aboriginal, Chinese, dental and even a barbershop complete the picture of pioneering activity. Craig Kimberley said the new section evolved from display material and collections at hand at the village as well as new items donated.

“This new wing draws together all these various strands of history. Herbertonʼs original barbershop, rare and precious photographs of local Aboriginals dating back to 1910, and quality military effects donated are all featured,” he said.

“The new area also has a display dedicated to the Chinese pioneers present in the area during the gold era of Palmer River and Croydon supplying the miners with produce from their market gardens. We even have a dentist surgery in the back room for visitors who require a quick filling!”

Thereʼs a display of Aboriginal artefacts - spears, stone implements, throwing sticks, clubs and woven baskets - and three rare photographs, one showing local Aborigines and police at the Blanket Day (about 1910) at the courthouse in Herberton.

On the other corner is Fred Gobey's Herberton barber shop with the original chair and haircutting equipment. There is also a small hospital area with a display of medical equipment, WW1 medical chest and stretchers, and a theatre light donated by local doctor Ken Conolly.

“We were extremely lucky to be contacted by Bill Sadleir of Tolga, a military collector. He has donated a lot of his personal collection and various army items from WW1 and WW2 and even some from the Vietnam war. We have an interesting display of trench art, medals, ration packs as well as a lot of items dug up from the old army camps around Ravenshoe. It’s an opportunity to educate and alert people to the safety aspects of unexploded ordnance, which occurs in this area as a result of army practice ranges being here during the war,” said Craig Kimberley.