Media Releases: 1 November 2011

Village Wins Best Cultural And Heritage Awards

Ken Weal, Lee Hendry, Bill Leet, Mia Lacy, Judy Cooper, Darryl Cooper

The extensive and astounding collection of vintage Australia at Historic Village Herberton has won the attraction the Best Heritage & Cultural Tourism award in the TNQ Tourism Awards held at the Cairns Convention Centre on Saturday 29th October.

Owners Connie and Craig Kimberley were especially pleased for the community of Herberton.  "We've re-ignited the Village, but we're really just caretakers for the local community of Herberton.  It's their passion as much as ours which has produced this result and the award recognises the intense community support the project attracts," said Craig Kimberley.

The Kimberleys thanked The Cairns Post for sponsoring Category 6, Heritage & Cultural Tourism, and the Village’s staff and suppliers, the community of Herberton & The Tablelands for their ongoing support of the Village, and all their tourism colleagues who recommend and promote the wonderful attraction. 

Picture:  Representing the Village at the TNQ Tourism Awards 2011 left to right are: Ken Weal, Lee Hendry, Bill Leet, Mia Lacy, Judy and Darryl Cooper.