Media Releases: 19 November 2012

Diesel's And Dads

Marking the arrival of two new automotive icons at Historic Village Herberton will be a special one off Father’s Day event to be held all day on September 2.  

There are certain items in our automotive history, because of their rarity and the role they have played over the last 100 years, that must be preserved.

This month, Historic Village Herberton welcomes two such items that have helped to shape the automotive and farming industries known today – a 1925 Indian Prince motorcycle and a 1935 John Deere Model ‘B’ Tractor.

Equally rare, Historic Village Herberton owner Craig Kimberley described the new arrivals as “significant additions”, rounding out the existing collection of antique cars, motorcycles and farming machinery already on display.

Unveiled in 1925, the Prince was built in an attempt to market to first-time motorcycle buyers. It enjoyed a very brief history with a short four-year production for the American Indian Motorcycle Company, leaving only a handful left behind today. While they may not have been a big seller in the 1920s, they are a sought after collector’s item now, with the Village’s motorcycle taking pride of place next to the 1923 Harley Davidson, which arrived earlier this year.

“We now have two really old motorcycles on display and they look fantastic in the garage. We also have a 1935 John Deere Model ‘B’ Tractor in one of our main sheds and our head mechanic has just got it started so we are very excited about that.”

The Model ‘B’ tractor revolutionised the agricultural industry in the 1930s, and subsequently became the most popular tractor in Deere & Company’s history. “This tractor was able to pull the same load as four horses and with its simple magneto-driven ignition system did not require a battery,” Craig explains. “Simplicity, economy and durability meant this tractor was perfect for any small crop farmer who needed animal-free power.”
However, what makes the Model ‘B’ Tractor displayed at the village so unique is that it does not feature the rubber wheels that came standard on later models. “It has steel wheels, with bolt-on lugs, which were designed to grip the soil,” he adds.

To celebrate Father’s Day this year and the arrival of the Indian and John Deere tractor, Historic Village Herberton will bring back all the favourites from Pioneers’ Weekend for one day only .

“Pioneers’ Weekend is such a popular event so we thought we would bring back some of the highlights for Dad’s special day,” Craig adds. “We want families to come and spend the day. Even if you have been here before, there is always something new to see at the village.”

The Hillbilly Goats will headline the event, while live demonstrations will take place throughout the day including wood chopping, small and miniature engines and blacksmithing. There will also be a camp kitchen serving up fresh stew and damper.

The Father’s Day special event will take place on September 2. Gates open at 9am to 5pm. For more information contact Historic Village Herberton on 4096 2002. Normal entry price applies.


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