Media Releases: 26 December 2012

Bridge To The Past

Craig and Connie Kimberley are proud to open the new bridge at Historic Village Herberton

An impressive 70-metre suspension bridge, bush cookout and chemist shop as it was 100 years ago will be officially opened this Boxing Day, December 26 at Historic Village Herberton.

Owners Craig and Connie Kimberley said 2012 had been a busy year for the team at the Village as they expanded the number of attractions within the outdoor museum.

They join the 1935 John Deere Model B tractor, 1923 Harley Davidson and the 1927 Indian Motorcycle, which were acquired earlier this year.

 “It has been a busy 12 months and now as we put the finishing touches on these new attractions we can focus on preparing for the opening on December 26.”

Craig said he was looking forward to seeing the first people cross the bridge, which has taken six months to complete and was built by the Village’s building supervisor Bill Leet.

There is no other bridge like in the area and its construction will allow the Village to grow in coming years as new attractions are added over the other side of Wild River.

“We have no room on this side of the river but on the other side there is so much potential for growth. People are offering us fantastic collections all the time and there is no room to put them.

“The bridge will provide year round access to the attractions we will have in place, including the new bush cookout, serving fresh camp oven stew, damper and billy tea on school holidays and long weekends. ”

Bush walking trails and a working sawmill are currently under development and will open in 2013.

Craig believed the chemist shop would also prove a hit for visitors. “This chemist shop is exactly how it was 100 years ago.

“Many people my not realise that before the war there was no packaged pharmaceutical tablets or medicines, everything was made by the chemist,” he said.

A full Christmas holiday program will be available on Boxing Day. There will be live demonstrations throughout this period.

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