16 December 2015

Reid's Saw and Planning Mill Officially Opens

It was an historic day as Keid’s Saw and Planning Mill was officially opened at the Historic Village Herberton this month.  

Unveiling the plaque was Phyllis Smith who donated the authentic working sawmill, built by Ted Keid, in the 1950’s, at Wondecla. 

It has taken more than a year to restore, but visitors to the Village will now be able to see it come to life, highlighting an era when timber was the major industry in Herberton.

It was used to cut cabinet timber for housing construction, high quality flooring and cladding. It was also used to cut heavy bridge timbers and sleepers.

Village owners Craig and Connie Kimberley thanked Phyllis for her donation. “The saw mill is a wonderful addition to the Village and we know visitors are really going to appreciate the engineering that has gone into this,” Craig added. 

Completing the exhibit will be a 32 tonne General Electric late 1930’s generator that used to run the Malanda Milk Factory. It will be able to power the sawmill. 

This exhibit and more can been seen at the Historic Village Herberton these school holidays, for more information on opening times visit the website http://www.historicvillageherberton.com.au  




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