18 September 2015

Rare John Deere Tractor Collection on Show

 Any John Deere enthusiast would be in heaven at the Historic Village Herberton with the addition of three new tractors to complete the John Deere Tractor Shed exhibit. 

The new arrivals include a 1937 ‘AOS’ Streamlined Orchard Tractor, a 1934 ‘GP’ Beaner and a 1932 General Purpose Wide Tread Over Top Steering (GPWT-OTS).

They join the three priceless John Deere tractors already on display, including the showpiece 1916 mint condition Waterloo Boy, as well as a 1937 RB Model tractor and a Model B from 1935. 

Village owners Craig and Connie Kimberley said the six tractors completed the exhibit and ensured its place as one of the most unique attractions in Australia. 

“We don’t believe there is anything quite like it in Australia – to have six incredibly rare fully restored John Deere tractors together under the one roof is in an incredible privilege and one we know our visitors are really going to appreciate,” he said, 

The 1937 ‘AOS’ Streamlined Orchard Tractor made life easy for a fruit grower because of its increased manoeuvrability, due to the fact it was smaller and lower providing clearance in tight vineyard and orchard conditions. 

The 1934 ‘GP’ Beaner four row cultivator was designed to reduce the number of crops unintentionally pulled out while driving through paddocks and is one of only 66 made in 1934. 

The 1932 General Purpose Wide Tread Over Top Steering (GPWT-OTS) was a substantial redesign of the previous models but only 445 were produced and it is estimated there are only around 90 left world wide. 

Craig said both the GP and GPWT-OTS had been restored to factory conditions, while the 1937 ‘AOS’ Streamlined has a rare set of cast rear wheels, with only 12 sets known to exist.

“The 1934 ‘GP’ Beaner was discovered in a shed where it had been for the last 70 years. It had some damage to the cylinder block but it is now back in its original condition complete with the November 1933 casting date,” Craig said




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