The diversity and depth of the Historic Village Herberton’s Collections owes much to the generous donations of individuals and organisations. Donations help build and enrich the Historic Village collections’ and ensures Australia’s pioneering history and the stories of Far North Queensland are preserved for the benefit of all Australians today and for the future.

How to donate collection material

How are donation offers assessed?

Acceptance of donations is guided by the interests, scope and priorities of each of the Historic Village’s collection areas. Assessment of the offer may also include consideration of the item’s national significance, the Village’s existing holdings and the potential preservation and storage costs.

Conditions of Acceptance

As a general principle, the Historic Village prefers that no unnecessary restrictions on access are imposed by the donor, however, in exceptional cases special conditions may be negotiated at the discretion of the Historic Village’s curator.

How to Make an Offer * Please ensure you include all contact information, along with any detail and photographs of your material.

Email: Offers or enquiries regarding donations may be submitted by email to:
Mail: Offers of enquiries regarding donations may be mailed to:
Museum Curator
Historic Village Herberton
6 Broadway, Herberton QLD 4887
Phone: If you would prefer to talk with a staff member about your material first, please phone 07 4096 2002