Elderslie House

Written by admin@herberton

June 5, 2021

The very gracious Elderslie House is the jewel in the crown of the Historic Village Herberton collection. The home of Herberton founder – miner and adventurer John Newell – was built in 1888 of red cedar and white beech.

Soaring 5 metre ceilings, spacious, inviting verandas and pretty colonial architecture make Elderslie House special. It is named after Newell’s wife Janet’s home town in Scotland.

Restoration took five years and the house was cut in half to move from its original position overlooking the town. With its two halves reunited and completely restored, its doors opened to the public in 2015.

It is both pristine outside and authentic inside, with hundreds of period pieces of furniture and fittings as well as domestic items making the house a 19th century home.

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